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Stomping Like An Elephant!!
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Merv's jazz project Deep Lounge Music has recorded a series of songs written by contemporary artists like Justin Tmberlake and Katy Perry in the style of 1960s lounge jazz.

"There are some truly fabulous artist's making music today, I want to combine their new outlook with a tip of the hat to the ultra cool lounge jazz of that short but magical musical era in the 1960s".

Merv is co-producing the Deep Lounge Music series with long time friend and music business legend Peter Ruppert. "Peter is a visionary, he has great instinct's backed up by a truly open, contemporary mind set". Deep Lounge Music is designed as an antidote for today's seemingly mad, mad world...

The App Master is a rodent who's gonna change the world as we know it... Maybe...


A mind blowing 3D animated T.V. pilot.  “App Master - Whiff of the Gods”...


It will change your entire life?!... Maybe...

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40 second trailer
1.45 min. trailer