Merv de Peyer

a piano playing digital media lover

The App Master is a rodent who's gonna change the world as we know it... maybe?

A 3D animated T.V. pilot called “the App Master - Whiff of the Gods”
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40s trailer

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Merv's jazz project Deep Lounge Music has recorded a series of songs written by contemporary artists like Justin Tmberlake and Katy Perry in the style of 1960s lounge jazz.

"There are some truly fabulous artist's making music today, I want to combine their new outlook with a tip of the hat to the ultra cool lounge jazz of that short but magical musical era in the 1960s".

Merv is co-producing the Deep Lounge Music series with long time friend and music business legend Peter Ruppert. "Peter is a visionary, he has great instinct's backed up by a truly open, contemporary mind set". Deep Lounge Music is designed as an antidote for today's seemingly mad, mad world...
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Suit and Tie - Justin Timberlake
Get Lucky - Daft Punk
Take Five - Dave Brubeck
A Change is Gonna Come - feat. Lance Ellington - Sam Cooke
A mix of contemporary song's reworked to sound like jazz classic's, and interpretations of jazz standards written by the masters.

The ultimate jazz lounge collection
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Baby Dance Along

Baby Dance Along - The Video Dance Channel for Babies and Parents. Our Youtube channel has recently gone past 2,700,000 views and we have produced more than 30 videos's to date.

If you have young kids your gonna love it!!
Baby Dance Along - Theme Song
Baby Dance Along's

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